The collection of display units and sideboards below showcase selected client projects and original pieces designed and handcrafted by David. Many of these customised display units and sideboards have been produced to complement the interior design and style of the client’s home as well as provide improved storage and display of heirlooms, precious collectables as well as everyday items. Some of these pieces have been designed and handcrafted by David as one off originals influenced by the natural characteristics of the timber species selected.

Contact David today to discuss commissioning your own custom designed display unit or sideboard. David also invites you to visit the ‘Stockroom’ where you can view the range of handcrafted display units and sideboards available for immediate purchase and delivery.

To view each piece as a larger more detailed version along with the timber species used in production, click on the thumbnail image. Once open, move the cursor to the right of the image to reveal the ‘>’ button, which will allow you to scroll through the gallery. To move left, simply reposition the cursor to the left of the image to reveal the ‘<‘ button and return to the previous image. To close the picture click on the ‘X’ button at the top right of the picture frame or click outside the image viewer.