Timber furniture and the range of pieces designed and manufactured for your home or business by David Suters Timbercraftsman are produced using the best quality materials. David’s collection of artworks and custom designed furniture are handcrafted from solid timber. Each piece is individually handcrafted as one of kind.

Constructed on the strength of Australian hardwoods and a selection of imported timbers, David directly sources raw materials to produce pieces that range from natural edge free form designs to stunning contemporary items made to order as well as for sale through the ‘Stockroom’ on this website, and direct to the public in his Timbercraftsman Studio Gallery in Eumundi to discerning clientele internationally and throughout Australia.

The following information is provided to you as one of our valued customers to assist with caring for your new piece of furniture or exclusive timber artwork recently added to your collection.

Thank you for choosing David Suters Timbercraftsman.

Timber – Naturally Better…

As a natural resource, timber has its own unique features, where no two pieces are exactly the same.

This means that regardless of the species, grain or finish of the final product, each piece will have some degree of variation in colour and natural movement over time.

Beyond normal colour variations and natural movement of timber, a range of factors can directly affect the appearance, performance and longevity of the life of your furniture.

Factors that will cause reactions and/or change in the timber include exposure to direct sunlight or UV, seasonal temperature/humidity and internal climatic conditions resulting from air conditioning, gas or wood fire heating, slab heating, and evaporative coolers.

Depending on your situation, the two most common changes you will experience with your newly acquired piece of furniture or artwork are:

1. Colour

Timber does gradually change colour with exposure to light. The degree of change depends on the intensity of exposure to light, ie the more light or direct sun the quicker the change. Minimising light will slow this process down.

New timber tends to change colour most at the time of initial purchase. Once settled into its new environment, with regular usage usually over twelve months, variations to colour will lessen as the piece acclimatises and adapts.


2. Movement

Timber will react to its surrounding in the environment in your home or business.

Solid timber contains what is considered a ‘stable’ level of moisture and depending on its surroundings, will expand and contract throughout the life of the piece.

Many things contribute to timber movement. To be more specific, direct sunlight, heating and air conditioning will dry moisture out of timber and cause it shrink, whereas evaporative coolers and high humidity have the opposite effect, causing timber to absorb moisture and expand. These factors may also cause a join or natural feature to slightly swell or shrink in size.

Timber furniture and the range of artistic works designed and handcrafted by David Suters Timbercraftsman for your home or business are produced to endure a reasonable amount of expansion and contraction under general use.

Remember, timber is a ‘living breathing’ product that will transform and adapt to its new natural environment in your home or business over time.

The degree of change will depend entirely on the way you care for, maintain and protect your investment.

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