Top Tips to Care and Maintain Your Investment

For our valued clientele, quality is their highest priority. Thus, the decision to buy custom made designer solid timber furniture and artisan decor pieces to enhance their living environment is a long term investment.

Here’s our top tips in helping you care for, maintain and prevent long term damage to your timber furniture and artworks handcrafted by David Suters Timbercraftsman.

The Don’ts

  • DO NOT use caustic based products on furniture, eg Spray and Wipe. These are designed to remove grease and grime.

Effects: softens and breaks down timber lacquers over time.

  • DO NOT use silicon based cleaning products on furniture.

Effects: timber absorbs silicon, which creates problems and will add to the cost of any future restoration if required.

  • DO NOT place furniture in direct sunlight.

Effects: colour fade, shrinkage, and splitting.

  • DO NOT place furniture near radiant heat, eg heating ducts, open fires, gas or electric heaters.

Effects: shrinkage, splitting and cracking.

  • DO NOT place hot cups and plates directly on the surface.

Effects: heat creates a ‘scorch mark’ or ‘steam ring’ causing residual lacquer damage.

  • DO NOT place chemical products on the surface, eg potpourri, fragrant oils, nail polish remover, eucalyptus oil or perfume.

Effects: reacts with and breaks down the integrity of the lacquered surface.

  • DO NOT leave items on the top of new furniture for extended periods of time, eg bases, bowls, platters, table runners, and coasters.

Effects: alters the appearance of the surface, leaving colour variation or ‘sunburn’ mark during the settling in period when timber is initially adjusting to its environment.

  • DO NOT leave liquid spills on the timber surface, particularly alcohol.

Effects: the liquid will damage the lacquered surface as well as stain the timber.

The Do’s

  • DO control room moisture.

Benefits: room moisture is of the utmost importance. Dry air will dry out timber. Water in the room, eg a vase of flowers, a fish tank, or plants will offset the potential damage from reduced air moisture caused by air conditions and heaters.

  • DO protect surfaces.

Benefit: protecting surfaces with place mats and coasters will assist you to prevent damage, ie scratches, steam rings, scorching, sunburn, lacquer breakdown, and stains.

  • DO rotate items on flat surfaces.

Benefit: relocating items on the tables, cabinets, sideboards etc for their first three to six months will prevent the likelihood of colour variations or sunburn marks. If possible rotate the chairs in different positions, and turn tables around so they have even exposure to light, particularly near windows, large glazed areas and sliding doors.

  • DO protect furniture from the sun and direct light.

Benefit: closing the blinds and eliminating direct sun when possible will prevent sunburn and drying out of timber.

  • DO use cork pad or heat sink in conjunction with electrical equipment and appliances, eg sterio, DVD player, laptop computer, clock radio, printer.

Benefit: heat will be absorbed through ventilation and cork pads, which will reduce damage from radiant heat naturally emitted by electrical or electronic equipment.

  • DO use a quality furniture polish when dusting and cleaning, eg Marveer, O’Cedar Oil.

Benefits: prevents surface scratches and will replace some moisture back into the furniture.

Following these simple guidelines will help you to protect your investment for generations to come.Β Feel free to contact David if you have a question or need to know more about caring for your products?

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